Friendly atmosphere with people who remember your name! Laughter expected! I appreciated the card after I got the braces put on. It was a nice touch. 🙂 Dr. Reese is an absolute sweetheart!
Misty E.

Dr. Reese did my sons braces 12 years ago. I never believed she could make his teeth so perfect. After he got his braces off he was voted best smile at his school! They are still perfect, so when it came time to get my own teeth done she was an easy choice. Dr. Reese has quite the vision, part artist really. After 13 months my teeth are beautiful! Not only is she talented at what she does, she is a kind , fun, funny and lovely person. Her staff is very accommodating so scheduling was easy. Thank you Dr. Reese for giving me a beautiful smile again, I’m grateful! Lisa Swan

I’m very glad I went to Dr. Reese! Her and her staff are great at what they do! I highly recommend too anyone that wants an amazing smile! And If your looking for a place, I say u found the place! 😁

I didn’t think my teeth were that bad. But I found out they were not so good! 😕 I got my braces on and I start to see a huge difference and what they had in store for me to get my wonderful smile that I have today. David W.

I live in Eden Prairie, but decided to make the drive to Chanhassen to get my daughter’s braces. I am impressed at how much knowledge the doctor had and I will only be bringing my kids here when they need braces. John N.

Great service, very little wait time, flexible scheduling, very personable and professional staff. I was very happy with the final outcome. I would highly recommend Reese Orthodontics to my friends and neighbors. Cathy D.

My son currently has braces through them and has said it has been going good. He’s 13 so that’s all I’m gonna get. As far as myself I recently went in for a consultation to get braces myself, I didn’t feel I needed to go elsewhere since the experience for my son here is great. Friendly staff, very knowledgeable and I didn’t feel like I was pressured to make any fast decisions on anything which I like. I will be getting my braces next month and I’m pretty excited! Harris

After we moved up to Plymouth, MN from Dallas, TX with two boys at the tail end of their orthodontics treatments, I was really shocked how expensive the orthodontists were up here, and how long they wanted the boys to continue in treatment. It was super depressing. And also, the waiting rooms and offices were over the top posh, which I’d rather things be modest, neat and clean so I don’t feel like I’m paying for the Architectural Digest ready office space. What made it all worse was that we really loved our orthodontist back home. After several months and a lot of orthodontist first time visits, I finally found Dr. Reese online and booked an initial appointment. I love her enthusiasm and her open approachability with the kids and with me. Her treatment plan was right on track with where the boys were, and the costs were extremely reasonable, and everyone in the office is absolutely lovely to work with. If you go to the “other” location, its the exact same staff. We like the New Hope location because it is conveniently close to home. I was so pleased, I went ahead and made arrangements for our youngest to get started with treatment. So glad I kept looking for the perfect orthodontist.

If you are looking for a great Orthodontist, look no further!My son has seen Dr Reese on and off over the last decade and the quality of care has been outstanding the entire time. The whole outfit over there runs like clockwork, yet the staff is always friendly and professional -everyone seems happy to be working there and we’ve seen many of the same faces for years. My son actually likes going there and said he’ll miss it when we’re all done! For the past few years, Dr Reese and her staff have helped prepare my son for major jaw surgery. This has been three year long process during which Dr Reese worked very closely with his oral surgeon. The outcome was better than any of us expected and I think the exceptional level of expertise and professionalism from Dr Reese and her staff enabled the surgeon to do his job on a properly prepared patient. George

Last set of braces DONE!!!! I couldn’t be happier!!!! All 3 of our children required braces. Thanks to Dr. Reese they now all have beautiful smiles. Needless to say, over a span of 7 years, we had countless appointments with her and her staff. Everyone in the office is great, they are really friendly. The office offers a variety of appointment times including before school. I never had an issue with them running behind. There was always someone available after hours if an emergency would arise…….only needed one time for a painful broken wire. Dr. Reese is very gentle, calming and kind. She does a very comprehensive, individualized plan for each child. Nobody wants to need braces, but if you do, I highly recommend Reese Orthodontics.

Love Dr. Reese and her team!! My daughter has received great care and I couldn’t be happier!! They offer so many “extras” to the kids that it helps motivate my daughter to want to do a good job on cleanings and care. Who ever thought of the reward system knew what they were doing!! GREAT job Reese Ortho! My 9 year old LOVES her braces and can’t stop smiling! Nichole