Digital dental technology makes your treatment as fast, comfortable, and safe as possible. For that reason, our team at Reese Orthodontics in New Hope and Chanhassen, Minnesota, has made a commitment to update our practice with the latest advances in dental technology.

Accordingly, Dr. Karen Reese has invested in and uses digital technology to offer you less time in the dental chair, more comfortable dental procedures, and more accurate diagnoses.

Following are four key advantages of digital technology.

Increased safety with digital X-rays

Your safety and comfort are our priority. Here’s a fact you may not already know: you’re exposed to dramatically less radiation from digital X-rays than you are with traditional X-rays. Thus, they’re safer and more beneficial to your health than regular X-rays.

Ability to plan and see the progress of orthodontic treatment

Dr. Reese uses the iTero intraoral scanner to examine your teeth, rather than the old-fashioned round mirror. The difference can be compared to that between a scrub board for washing clothes and a modern computerized washing machine.

The iTero intraoral scanner is operated by computer technology that offers a 3-D view of all your teeth. It helps Dr. Reese plan and monitor your orthodontic treatment. The plan shows the way your teeth need to move to straighten out and allows you to see images of how your teeth will look at all stages of treatment.

Earlier detection of dental decay

Using digital X-rays, Dr. Reese can closely examine the spaces between your teeth, the roots of your teeth, and the bone under your gums. Digital X-rays give a more precise picture of the inside of your mouth than traditional X-rays.

In addition, the iTero intraoral scanner features a camera that can magnify a tooth so that it’s the size of your head when it appears on Dr. Reese’s computer screen. It shows a 3-D view of your teeth from every possible angle, and yields data under the surface of your teeth. With these features, this scanner can uncover tooth decay at an early stage. Research indicates that the scanner can improve detection of decay in the space between the teeth by 56 percent.

In addition, Dr. Reese can show you what she sees. Seeing a problem that could become a cavity can help motivate you to double down on your oral hygiene routine. You become a more active participant in your treatment.

No more messy molds to get impressions of your teeth

Not too long ago, orthodontists would ask you to place your teeth in molds with a gooey substance and bite down to make an impression of your teeth. The molds were sent to a lab which created the specifications for orthodontic treatment. Now the 3-D technology eliminates this messy step that no one liked anyway.

Call our office most convenient to you or book an appointment online today to discuss your treatment options using the latest dental technology available.

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